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How Natural Foods can Help Nurses Endure Long Work Shifts

People involved in patient care profession need to stay active throughout their work shift because they are needed to provide care and support in times of emergency as well as when the physician needs immediate assistance in the treatment of patients. Thus, it becomes fairly important for nurses to stay energetic to fulfill all the nursing challenges that come across during the work. 

To meet up such expectations in healthcare care industry, nurses tend to neglect their health that eventually results in serious health issues in their professional as well as personal life. This not only takes a toll on their work efficiency but also affects their mental health, which is the most important aspect in order to serve patients with ease and comfort. Thus, to help in keeping up the zeal and energy, nurses must include some natural foods to keep them charged, such as:

OATMEAL is a great supplement in meeting the iron requirement of human body and is also the vital part of generating hemoglobin. For a nurse, it is suggested that at least 15mg of iron should be a part of daily diet for maintaining good health. Oatmeal is an iron-rich food that is easy to make and is quite reasonable to include in breakfast or lunch.

BANANA is a fruit worth boosting energy instantly, Banana helps provides necessary amount of potassium for the body that can be wade off easily at times of stressful situations or while handling emergency cases or tedious physical movements of continuous following up a patient. Banana is known to remove all the impurities from human body and in helping muscles to move conveniently. If you are a nurse looking for ways to have an instant kick of energy, include a banana in your diet as your top most priority.

COCONUT MILK (not to be confused with coconut water) is a great source of energy with the benefits of fat-burning acids. For nurses working in longer shifts, coconut milk helps to minimize hunger and keep you healthier. You can even make a homemade smoothie of it and drink it when you get some free time in your work shift. 

SMOKED MEATS - When nurses need to stay awake during the night shifts, smoked meats proves to be a delicious therapy. Smoked meats are rich in tyramine – an amino acid that induces the brain to emit norepinephrine (a fantastic stimulant that keeps humans awake). Best to include in breakfast in order to gain energy instantly, which is much needed in a profession like nursing. 

PASTA is a good source of carbohydrates that provides energy throughout the day. A cup of full white pasta provides around 43gms of carbohydrates. A great inclusion in breakfast; nurses even enjoy pasta at any time of the day while doing their job.

Adding these five foods as a part of your meals will help you stay healthy and active. Thus, no more tiredness and dullness on job, what a tasty way to stay revived all through the day.


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