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News — Healthy Eating

How Natural Foods can Help Nurses Endure Long Work Shifts

People involved in patient care profession need to stay active throughout their work shift because they are needed to provide care and support in times of emergency as well as when the physician needs immediate assistance in the treatment of patients. Thus, it becomes fairly important for nurses to stay energetic to fulfill all the nursing challenges that come across during the work.  To meet up such expectations in healthcare care industry, nurses tend to neglect their health that eventually results in serious health issues in their professional as well as personal life. This not only takes a toll on...

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Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Your Family

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what healthy eating is: lots of fruits and vegetables and not too much fat and sugar. But when it comes to kids, knowing what is healthy is only the start. And even if you shop ‘healthy’ it does not mean that your kid will willingly eat it. There is hope. Kids need some extra encouragement and guidance along with a few of these strategies your kid is sure to eat healthy. Be a gatekeeper It’s likely that the easiest way to get your kids to eat healthy is to remove the...

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