Alarmee Rechargeable Personal Safety Alarm

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    How Loud is alarmee?

    alarmee has been tested to just over 130dB. That's louder than a car horn!

    How Do You Activate alarmee?

    Pull the pin firmly from the top of the device to activate the alarm and the LED flashing light. The alarm will ring and light will flash until the pin is replaced back into the top of the device.

    How Long Does the Battery Last?

    The alarm can run continuously for 70 minutes before you need to recharge using the provided USB-C cable.

    Is alarmee Rechargeable?

    It certainly is! Unlike most devices that require replacing batteries, alarmee has a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is fully charged within an hour

    Where Do I Wear alarmee?

    alarmee comes with a carabiner to enable you to clip to your keys, your bag, waist and more. We recommend you keep it where it is easily accessible in a hurry and we do not recommend placing it inside of your bag or pockets.

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