Fabric Resistance Bands

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    What makes each Fabric Resistance Band different from each other?

    Each Fabric Resistance Band has a different tension level and color as described below:
    - Heavy Purple/Black: 40-60lbs / 18-27kg
    - Medium Pink/Gray: 30-50lbs / 14-23kg
    - Light Green/Light Gray: 15-30lbs / 7-14kg

    Which exercises are best suited for the Fabric Resistance Bands?

    Fabric Resistance Bands are designed with lower body exercises in mind, specifically leg exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, and lunges. They can also be used on your upper body, especially your arms.

    Is there a body weight limit to be able to use the Fabric Resistance Bands??

    Fabric Resistance Bands are designed with lower body training in mind and thus don’t have a body weight limit per say. What Fabric Resistance Bands have is a tension level which translates to how much force you can apply on them and how far you can stretch them. Because they come in fixed sizes and in a closed loop, your body size may impact the effectiveness of the exercises you choose to do with the Fabric Resistance Bands, thus you should adjust general exercises to your body shape accordingly.

    How far can I stretch the Fabric Resistance Bands?

    You can safely stretch each Fabric Resistance Band and apply as much weight on them up to the maximum recommended tension level indicated below:
    - Heavy Purple/Black: 60lbs / 27kg
    - Medium Pink/Gray: 50lbs / 23kg
    - Light Green/Light Gray: 30lbs / 14kg
    Applying any more weight than the recommended may result in the band tearing up or snapping, which can lead to injury or damage to your property.

    Is there a difference between fabric and latex resistance bands?

    Fabric Resistance Bands are much stronger and more comfortable to use than latex resistance bands, but they are also more limited in the uses you can give them and the exercises you can do with them.
    If choosing between fabric or latex bands, take into account the type of exercises you want to do and which areas of your body you want to work on. Usually a mix of fabric and latex bands for different exercises is the recommended approach.

    Can seniors or people with mobility issues use the Fabric Resistance Bands?

    As with any exercise equipment, caution is advised before you decide to use Fabric Resistance Bands. While they can be safely used by anyone, they do require basic knowledge of proper working out form and a certain amount of physical strength to be able to stretch the bands and use them effectively. If you have any mobility issues that make it harder to hold uncommon positions, such as squatting or lunging forward and backward, for short to medium periods of time, you should seek advice from a doctor or trained professional before deciding to incorporate Fabric Resistance Bands into your exercises.

    Are the Fabric Resistance Bands washer safe?

    The 3DActive Fabric Resistance Bands are not washer safe. You should wash them by hand at no more than 80ºF / 30ºC temperature. Do not bleach or tumble dry the Fabric Resistance Bands.

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