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    What’s the difference between each Massage Ball?

    The Peanut Massage Ball (blue) is designed for targeted massages around the back and neck. The Lacrosse Ball (gray), made from silicone, has the ideal consistency to improve flexibility and release muscle knots. The Spiky Massage Ball (black) is meant for trigger point release in tight areas.

    What areas are the Massage Balls best suited for?

    The Massage Balls can be used to relieve tension in several muscles and areas of your body. Depending on the area you wish to massage and the level of tension you’re experiencing, one ball might be more suitable over the others.

    How can I clean the Massage Balls??

    You can clean the Massage Balls by washing them with warm water and soap and letting them dry completely before the next use.

    Are the Massage Balls safe for children?

    The Massage Balls are not toys and should not be used by unsupervised children. Because of their weight and consistency they can lead to injury if used improperly.

    Will the Massage Balls hurt sensitive areas?

    If you apply too much pressure with any of the Massage Balls in an overly sensitive area, or an area of your body where you’re currently experiencing pain, it may worsen the discomfort. Please seek other means of relieving your pain other than massaging the affected areas.

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