Push Up Bars
Push Up Bars
Push Up Bars
Push Up Bars
Push Up Bars


Push Up Bars

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upper-body training

Enhance your upper body strength training

The 3DActive Push Up Bars are a must-have for any home gym enthusiast and will bring an extra dimension to your strength training workouts. Push Up Bars can sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire upper body while reducing strain on your arms and wrists and increasing the range of motion in your push-ups.

  • STRENGTH & CORE TRAINING - Push Up Bars are ideal for upper body strength training and building your core and back muscles. Reduce impact on your wrists and joints while increasing the range of motion for the perfect push up. Effectively train your chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals, back muscles and more.
  • TRAIN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Suitable for men and women regardless of fitness level. Use them in the comfort of your home or take them with you so you can work out at work, in the gym or on the go making training hygienic and comfortable wherever you are.
  • SUPERB QUALITY & SLIP RESISTANT - 3DActive Push Up Bars have been tried and tested, made from high-quality material, strong enough to support over 200lbs and built to last. Angled handle design for versatility in exercises to further enhance your strength training. Features include non-slip rubber base caps for added grip on any surface and ergonomic foam-padded handles providing you with a safe and comfortable grip.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Super easy to assemble so you are ready to workout anytime and can easily be packed away for travel or safe storage when not in use.

Enhance your push ups

Take your upper body workouts to the next level with the 3DActive Push Up Bars. Build up your back and core strength the increasing range of motion.

Safer training

Safely and effectively work your entire upper body by reducing the stress placed on your forearms and wrists.