Tube Resistance Bands Set (10 to 150LBS)

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    Are the Tube Resistance Bands snap-proof?

    Each of the Tube Resistance Bands can hold up to a certain amount of tension which is indicated in their respective labels. Regular use will lead to wear and tear, and applying too much tension on the bands can also lead to them eventually snapping. Before each use please check for any signs of damage on the Tube Resistance Bands and do not use them if damaged. Do not overstretch the Tube Resistance Bands and never release them when they are fully stretched to avoid injuries or the bands snapping.

    How do the Tube Resistance Bands attach to the handles?

    The Tube Resistance Bands come with an O-ring that you can use to attach to the carabiners on the accessories that come included, such as the Handles and Ankle Straps. You can also wrap them around the door anchor and attach the O-rings to the two handles.

    How can I use the door anchor the best way?

    To ensure the door anchor won’t slip away or come undone, it’s recommended that you place it against a sturdy door. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Exercise Guide that comes included with the Tube Resistance Bands.

    Which exercises are best suited for the Tube Resistance Bands?

    Tube Resistance Bands can be used in several exercises and they’re also good weight alternatives. You can workout almost every area of your body with Tube Resistance Bands, from full-body training to targeted muscle workouts.

    Are the Tube Resistance Bands suited for beginners or inexperienced users?

    The Tube Resistance Bands are suited for all fitness levels but the exercises you do with them will vary depending on your current fitness level. It’s also possible to use each band individually or pair up different bands according to their tension levels. When using the Tube Resistance Bands please make sure you follow proper instructions and do not overexert yourself under risk of injury.

    How far can I stretch the Tube Resistance Bands?

    Tube Resistance Bands can safely stretch to around one and half times their original length. The level of tension the bands can safely exert are indicated on the labels of each band. Never over-stretch bands as this can lead to them snapping which can cause injuries.

    What do the different weights mean on each Tube Resistance Band?

    The Tube Resistance Bands come in 5 different tension levels as specified below:
    - Yellow Band: 10lbs / 4.6kg
    - Blue Band: 20lbs / 9kg
    - Red Band: 30lbs / 13.5kg
    - Green Band: 40lbs / 18.2kg
    - Black Band: 50lbs / 22.8kg

    Top Tip: Combine bands to increase the amount of resistance.

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