Rechargeable Hand Warmer - Silver

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    How does the Power Bank mode work on the Hand Warmer?

    To be able to use the Power Bank mode on the Hand Warmer you simply connect it via USB cable to any device. Blue LED lights will indicate you’re currently using the Hand Warmer in Power Bank mode, as well as how much charge there’s left.

    Can I charge my phone and use the Hand Warmer at the same time?

    You should not be able to use the Hand Warmer and Power Bank modes at the same time. This is a safety feature that protects the Hand Warmer from overheating or malfunctioning. If you try to connect a device via USB to the Hand Warmer while using it with the heating function on, there’s a risk the Hand Warmer could malfunction, overcharge, or even explode, leading to serious injury and damage to your property.

    How do I recharge the Hand Warmer?

    You can recharge your Hand Warmer by plugging it to a computer or laptop via USB cable, which comes included.

    Is it safe to use the Hand Warmer with gloves on?

    Using the Hand Warmer with winter gloves on should be perfectly safe. Please take care not to use the Hand Warmer with gloves that are made from materials that are not heat resistant, such as latex, or materials that can heat up quickly or even burn when exposed to excessive heat.

    Can I keep the Hand Warmer in my pockets?

    It should be safe to keep the Hand Warmer in your pocket, whether it’s in a coat or pants. However, leaving the Hand Warmer on inside fabric for long periods of time is not recommended, especially if the Hand Warmer is left on its highest heating setting, which can reach up to 131ºF / 55ºC. Before putting the Hand Warmer please make sure it’s completely turned off and no LED lights are on.

    How long does the Hand Warmer heat for?

    At its fullest, the battery on the Hand Warmer can last up to 6 hours. However, this working time is dependent on the heating level you use (there are 3 levels to choose from), the higher the level, the faster the battery will drain. If you’re using the Hand Warmer as a Power Bank, the battery will deplete differently according to the device you’re charging and how much you charge it for.

    How hot does the Hand Warmer get?

    The Hand Warmer has 3 heating levels as specified below:
    Level 1: 104~113°F / 40~45°C
    Level 2: 113~122°F / 45~50°C
    Level 3: 122~131°F / 50~55°C

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