Man taking his 3DActive Resistance Bands with Handles out the carry bag


We are 3DActive, a family-owned, online health and exercise brand dedicated to transforming the lives of our community and creating a healthier tomorrow. 

Our journey really began back in 2005 when our sole focus was providing high-quality health and nutritional supplements and weight loss programs. For several years we focussed on elite athletes and individuals who really wanted to take their fitness goals to the next level through hardcore training and dieting. 

It was in 2016 when we realized that there was a huge community of people who just wanted to simplify things. No insane gym workouts, religiously sticking to meal plans, and having to dedicate everything to keeping fit and strong. So, we decided that simpler solutions would be far more helpful to most, including ourselves.

We're not hardcore gym enthusiasts and we know that keeping fit can seem a little daunting, but we're passionate about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With a shared determination and a desire to inspire positive change, we set off on our new adventure.

Group of friends comparing their step count on their 3DFitBud Simple Step Counters

Our mission ever since has been very clear: to make health and exercise accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level. We knew that we could offer good quality products that would encourage and empower individuals and families to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

We have faced a lot of challenges along the way and with a relentless pursuit of finding and testing the best products, and what we offer, so we can proudly and confidently put our brand behind them. As we look forward to the future, we hope to continue building our brand and a community that encourages each other to keep going and to become the best version of ourselves.