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    How long do I need to wear it for?

    We recommend wearing the posture corrector for around 20 to 30 minutes to start and then gradually increase as your posture improves.

    Can this be worn under your clothes, is it visible?

    The 3DActive Posture Corrector is ultra-lightweight and breathable to allow you to wear it underneath your clothes without being uncomfortable. You should not be able to see the posture corrector under your clothing but this depends on the material and thickness of your clothing.

    What sizes are available, how can I tell if this will fit me?

    The 3DActive Posture Corrector has long straps with velcro on them and is a one-size-fits-all design to allow for fitting a wide range of shapes and sizes.

    What material is the posture corrector made of?

    The bulk of the brace is made from neoprene for soft comfortable support as well as nylon to ensure the strappings are durable and supportive.

    How does a posture corrector improve my posture?

    Posture correctors work by pulling your shoulders back making you sit more upright and reduces slouching. By sitting more upright you are forced to engage your core muscles more in order to support you. Stronger core muscles lead to a number of benefits including improved posture and reduced back pain.

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